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Fort Carson Soldier Charged with DUI, Careless Driving after Allegedly Crashing into Security Home

Fort Carson Soldier Charged with DUI, Careless Driving after Allegedly Crashing into Security Home

A 22-year-old man, reportedly an active duty soldier stationed at Fort Carson, has been charged with DUI and careless driving after he allegedly ran his truck into a Security, Colorado, house.

Local affiliate FOX 21 reports that the incident occurred at 3 a.m. on Sunday, March 1, on the 4800 block of Sebring Drive. The soldier had apparently been driving his Chevrolet pickup eastbound on Maribou Way when he ran through the intersection at Sebring and into a neighborhood home. Although there were two other passengers in the vehicle, and five people in the house at the time, thankfully no one was hurt in the crash.

Firefighters tell KKTV-11 News that "it did not look like the driver tried to stop" before hitting the house, but an investigation by the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) is still underway. Although none of the home's occupants were injured, the building itself was significantly damaged, with a gas line severed and its fireplace jettisoned into a neighbor's yard. The family is currently displaced.

CSP troopers have charged the driver with DUI, careless driving and violating a prosecution order. The accused is apparently an active duty soldier with Fort Carson's 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division.

It's safe to say there are few things more alarming or frightening than driving along a road when a single mistake suddenly sends your vehicle careening into somebody's house, and it's an accident that can result in serious charges, fines and even jail time — particularly if anyone is hurt in the process.

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