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Drug Crimes

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In the state of Colorado, drug offenses are taken quite seriously and prosecuted heavily. The possible consequences for a conviction of significant drug offenses could be life-altering.

Have you been accused of or arrested for a drug crime? Even if you are simply under investigation and are concerned about what will happen, you will need to speak with a Denver criminal defense lawyer right away. At The Orr Law Firm, we represent clients who have been charged with drug crimes throughout the state of Colorado.

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Common Types of Drug Crimes

With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, prosecutors have seen an uptick in pot-related crimes, including DUID charges. In addition, our firm deals with a wide range of different drug crimes involving cocaine, crack, heroin, PCP, LSD, mushrooms, illegal prescription drugs, and others.

We have the experience and in-depth knowledge representing criminal cases and are very familiar with the penalties that are often associated with these crimes. You can rely on our Denver drug crime lawyers to provide you with the aggressive representation you need on your side.

We offer legal assistance for the following and more:

Possible Consequences You Could Be Facing

The exact penalties you could face depend on the type and amount of drug(s) in question and the offense which was allegedly committed. The consequences range from a short time in jail and a fine to time in prison, substantial fees, community service, mandatory counseling, parole, and more.

The Orr Law Firm’s Denver drug crime attorneys are here to support you throughout this difficult time and ensure that your rights are not violated.

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