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  • Plead to Wet Reckless Original Charge (DUI)
    Adams County - Plead to Wet Reckless - Officer in case was injured while on duty and unable to attend jury trial. Officer allegedly watched client drive into a gas station and stumble out of the car.
  • Case Dismissed Original Charge (DUI)
    Denver - Case Dismissed - Client was not driving. His car broke down and he was trying to help his girlfriend fix it. The cops arrived and he was in the driver’s seat working on the vehicle.
  • Plead to Wet Reckless Original Charge (DUI)
    Adams County - Plead to Wet Reckless - Breath Test Refusal - 6 Car Accident - Plea deal happened because the trooper went on medical leave the night before trial. Client had an adverse reaction to drugs from PTSD resulting from war.
  • Not Guilty Original Charge (DUI)
    Denver - Jury Trial - Not Guilty
  • Reduced to Wet Reckless Original Charge (DUI / Accident)
    Denver - Reduced to Wet Reckless
  • Case Dismissed Original Charge (DUI)
    Douglas - Case Dismissed - Client recanted and officer did not give them a test. Client was found sleeping in a running vehicle while waiting for his wife to pick him up.
  • Case Dismissed Original Charge (DUI/DUID)
    Adams County - Case Dismissed
  • Plead to Deferred Judgement for DWAI Original Charge (DUI)
    Jefferson - Plead to Deferred Judgement for DWAI (driving while ability impaired) - Officer illegally entered clients garage. Had no probable cause to contact.
  • Case Dismissed Original Charge (DUI <.2 / Careless Causing Injury)
    Denver - Case Dismissed - Discovery violations by District Attorneys
  • Case Dismissed Original Charge (DUI)
    Arapahoe - Case Dismissed - Client was tailgating at a park and had no intention to drive.
  • Not Guilty Original Charge (DUID)
    Arapahoe County - Jury Trial - Not Guilty - Client was in a car accident and had an adverse reaction to prescription drugs for PTSD.
  • Deferred Judgement Original Charge (Felony Assault)
    Denver - Deferred Judgement - Client was under the influence of alcohol and physically assaulted a man in the bathroom.
  • Case Dismissed Original Charge (Unsafe Backing)
    Municipal Court - Case Dismissed
  • Plead to Reckless Driving Original Charge (DWAI)
    Denver - Plead to Reckless Driving - BAC was .051.