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Minors & Driver's License Revocation In Colorado

I've Been Arrested for Underage DUI. Now What?

Minors face different revocations than adults do for alcohol-related offenses in Colorado. The legal limit for a minor is .02 blood or breath alcohol. For example, if a minor (under 21) is criminally convicted of underage drinking and driving (a BAC .02 to .049), he/she will face a three month revocation. However, if he/she is criminally convicted of a DWAI / DUI, a one-year revocation will be imposed.

If the minor has a BAC between .02 and .079, the DMV will revoke the license for three months. The minor is eligible for a probationary license after 1 month of no driving. A second revocation for this is six months, and a third or subsequent is one year.

What About Points on My Driver's License?

Minors also have to worry about points. Minors are not allowed the same amount of driving points as adults in Colorado. Each of these offenses carries points along with a mandatory period of revocation. A knowledgeable and experienced Denver DUI lawyer will know how to handle these types of cases and properly inform all clients of potential outcomes and penalties.

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