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Battery is a violent crime that, unlike assault, has to do with physical contact. Brandishing a weapon may lead to assault charges, but the act of striking someone with the weapon would result in battery charges – usually these charges occur in conjunction with assault charges.

If you’ve been arrested or are being investigated for battery, you should not hesitate to contact The Orr Law Firm to retain immediate representation. Our legal team firmly believes that everyone deserves a defense and we’re dedicated to helping clients face every legal obstacle in their case.

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Can You be Charged With Battery Without Assault?

Yes, you can be charged with battery without assault and vice versa. Battery also differs from assault in that it does not require the victim to be in apprehension of harm. An assault is both a crime and a tort. The state protects the public by alleging a prosecuting a crime while the individual harmed may seek civil relief by filing a private litigation. Therefore, an assailant may face both criminal and civil liability. Usually, battery follows an assault charge. This usually happens because battery is an unjustified harmful or offensive touching of another.


Defending You From Battery Charges in Colorado

The defense strategies available for battery charges can widely vary, depending on the nature and circumstances surrounding your case. Battery falls under what’s known as “menacing charges,” which are any threats that put another person in fear of danger to his or her body or well-being.

Violent crimes are often considered the most serious type of criminal offense, and can result in severe penalties. Because of the seriousness with these types of crimes, your choice in representation has never been more important. Should you choose to hire our legal services, you can be confident that you never have to settle for second best.

Common defense strategies against battery charges can include:

  • Self defense
  • Defense of others
  • Defense of property that was being invaded or illegally withheld

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