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Drug trafficking crimes have dramatically increased in number since Colorado legalized marijuana, with people looking to make money by moving the substance from the safe haven of Colorado to states where it is not yet legal. While marijuana is the most commonly-moved drug, it is not alone, as many other illicit substances are transported with the intent of selling or distributing for profit.

As a result of this spike in drug crimes, trafficking charges are taken very seriously by prosecutors, and you could find yourself facing heavy penalties if you are convicted. At The Orr Law Firm, our Colorado drug crimes lawyers understand the stressful situation those facing drug trafficking charges find themselves in. We strive to provide legal counsel that places the best outcome for their case as the primary goal for all of our decisions. We are widely renowned for our lengthy list of successful cases and unwavering dedication to spectacular service for our clients, fighting on their behalf both in and out of the courtroom.

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Is Drug Trafficking A Federal Offense?

While you do not have to transport a controlled substance over state lines to be guilty of drug trafficking, doing so is considered a federal offense, a much more serious charge. This applies for every type of controlled substance, including marijuana, because it is not legal in many other states and under federal law. You can also be charged with federal drug trafficking if you use the mail system or a package courier like FedEx or UPS to transport drugs over state lines.

Penalties for Drug Trafficking in Colorado

Colorado drug trafficking charges are based on:

  • The type of substance transported
  • The amount of the substance transported
  • The intent in transporting the substance
  • Where the substance is transported to

Determining Your Drug Trafficking Charges in CO

When you are accused of drug trafficking, your exact charges will vary based on several factors. As a result, your case could wind up being unique, and the penalties you are facing could be difficult to ascertain without the assistance of a lawyer.

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