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Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys in Denver, CO

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If you were involved in an accident while driving drunk or impaired in Denver or surrounding areas, you are probably worried or stressed about what the future holds for you. That is why you should seek the professional representation of a Denver DUI lawyer, who is well-versed in defending those at fault for drunk driving accidents. That is exactly what you will find when you turn to the team at The Orr Law Firm.

How We Can Help

What can a DUI attorney do for you if you are charged in a Denver drunk driving accident?

  • An attorney who specializes in defending clients involved in a Colorado drunk driving accident knows how to build a strong case. The first time you meet with your attorney at the firm, you should prepare yourself to provide all the facts surrounding the accident so that we can use these facts as evidence to defend you.
  • A DUI lawyer will fight to keep your right to drive. The Orr Law Firm will do whatever it takes to help you keep your driving privileges after a drunk driving accident in Colorado by assisting with the Department of Motor Vehicles hearing that will determine whether or not you lose your license. We will also work with you on license suspensions, revocations, and habitual traffic offender (HTO) issues.
  • An experienced drunk driving defense lawyer will devote his or her time and energy to lessening or negating any criminal charges brought against you in a criminal court. A one-time mistake should not have to cost you your freedom. The Orr Law Firm is committed to helping you avoid the stringent consequences that often emerge from a drunk driving accident and subsequent DUI conviction.

Why drunk driving accident victims should hire a specialized lawyer

There are many benefits to hiring an experienced DUI lawyer to assist with your drunk driving accident in Denver. Other lawyers in the Denver area may claim to handle drunk driving accident cases while also focusing on other aspects of law. And other lawyers may see your accident case as unwinnable. Denver DUI Lawyer Rhidian Orr and his team of drunk driving accident lawyers are fully committed to defending DUI and criminal traffic matters, taking on clients who other lawyers might not think have a case. Let our law firm display its experience and history of success towards your case.

To learn more about The Orr Law Firm and how our qualified Denver DUI attorneys can stand up for you and your rights during this time, call (303) 747-4247. Free consultations!

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Orr Law Firm is here to help you get the results you need with a team you can trust.

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