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White Collar Crimes

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A white collar crime is unique in that it is normally perpetrated by someone who has been placed into a position of trust. Most often this means that perpetrators are someone who is held in high social standing, such as a high-ranking executive or a government professional. In many cases the motivations for these crimes is for personal financial gain, but could also be to help a business gain an unfair advantage or avoid losing property.

If you are facing charges of a white collar crime, you could be facing serious penalties. Many white collar crimes are considered to be felonies in the United States, which means you should retain a Colorado criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

A skilled advocate from The Orr Law Firm can review your case with you and help you develop a hard-hitting criminal defense, and can stand up for you to put the evidence on your side. We have obtained numerous recognitions for our practice, including honors from both Super Lawyers® and The National Trial Lawyers.

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At The Orr Law Firm, we understand the stress that those facing these types of charges are experiencing, which is why we strive to provide dedicated and impactful legal counsel and help them fight back against their charges. Our experience makes us a valuable ally both in and out of the courtroom.

We may be able to help you if you are facing white collar crime charges, including:

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