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Violent Crimes

Denver Violent Crime Attorney

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Have you or someone you care about been arrested for a violent crime? Violent crimes are one of the most serious types of offenses you can be accused of in the state of Colorado and the penalties are often severe.

Our Denver criminal defense lawyers at The Orr Law Firm can represent your rights in court against the charges you are facing. When you choose our firm, our goal is to build a strong defense to help get the penalties reduced or the charges dismissed completely.

We offer the representation of a variety of violent crimes, including:

Common Consequences of Violent Offenses

Depending on the nature of the crime you have been arrested for, you could be facing very serious penalties. Prosecutors in both federal and state courts go to great lengths to pursue violent crimes.

The Orr Law Firm is aware of the severity of your situation and does not take your case lightly. You can rely on us to fight aggressively for your rights in court and ensure they are not violated. Even if you are simply under investigation, hiring a Denver violent crime defense lawyer should be your first step.

Experienced Legal Defense for Violent Crimes

If you have been accused of committing a violent crime, law enforcement officials may come down hard on you. You may find yourself under rapid fire questioning. It is important that you exercise your right to remain silent and request to have your attorney present.

With decades of experience representing criminal cases, you can count on us for our professionalism and compassion. To learn more about how we can help during a free consultation, call us today at (303) 747-4247.