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Over 230 Arrested for DUI in Colorado During Super Bowl Weekend

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Colorado law enforcement launched another iteration of their DUI crackdown campaign, "The Heat is On," to coincide with the Super Bowl weekend, arresting over 200 motorists for alleged DUI in Colorado in the process.

According to the Denver Post, 234 drivers were arrested for DUI between 6 p.m. January 30 and 3 a.m. February 1, 65 of which occurred on Super Bowl Sunday itself. The majority of arrests, 36, were made in Denver, while police in Colorado Springs and Aurora each made 24 DUI arrests of their own. Thankfully, this number is significantly down from last year's Super Bowl weekend, when 327 motorists were arrested for DUI.

"The Super Bowl is a great reason to gather with friends and family to celebrate, but there are no good reasons to drive impaired," said Col. Scott Hernandez, of the Colorado State Patrol, in an official statement. "Regrettably, some partygoers acted irresponsibly by getting behind the wheel while getting impaired, putting everyone on the road and themselves at risk."

The next DUI enforcement period is planned for St. Patrick's Day weekend next month, running from March 13 to March 18.

While there's nothing wrong with going out and having a good time with your friends for the Super Bowl or a holiday weekend, there's also no reason to let one good time potentially cast a long shadow over the rest of your life. Being charged with a DUI in Colorado could have accused motorists facing significant financial penalties, a revoked license and even years in prison.

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