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Driver and Passenger Flee after Injuring Colorado Springs Woman in Hit-and-run

damaged car in accident

Two men fled their Nissan Maxima on foot after injuring another driver in an eastern Colorado Springs hit-and-run.

According to local news affiliate FOX 21, on Thursday, February 12, the Nissan was traveling northbound on North Circle Drive when it collided with a Toyota Yaris moving westbound on East Platte. Following the crash, which occurred at 11 p.m., the Nissan's two occupants left their vehicle and fled the scene before police could arrive. The driver of the Yaris was hospitalized after sustaining reportedly minor injuries. The Colorado Springs Gazette adds that officers closed northbound traffic on North Circle for nearly two hours while investigating the accident.

The two men who left the Nissan have still not been identified. Police are asking any eyewitnesses with possible information on the incident to come forward.

Vehicular assault is a serious offense, particularly when compounded with a charge of fleeing the scene of a bodily injury. Being involved in a car crash can be a frightening experience, but following that first instinct of running away can result in even harsher penalties being levied against accused drivers — not only steep fines, but a revoked license and even time spent in jail.

Here at The Orr Law Firm, we know how simple it can be to make a mistake in these types of sensitive, high-pressure situations. Unfortunately, we also know, all too well, how reacting this way in a car accident can make the situation even worse for the accused. That's why our expert team of attorneys is here to help. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to defend your case from the prosecution and mitigate the case's impact on your life by as much as possible.