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Fatal Car Accidents in Colorado on the Rise

two damaged cars involved in a car accident

A new report issued by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) reveals that statewide motor vehicle deaths grew in 2013, the second time in seven years that that rate has increased.

CDOT's findings, released on Tuesday, February 9, highlight a total of 481 fatal car accidents occurring throughout Colorado in 2013, a 1.9 percent increase from the 472 fatalities seen in the year prior. The Coloradoan reports that this unfortunate statistic reverses the trend of motor vehicle deaths declining between 2007 and 2011. In response to the new data, CDOT is renewing its emphasis on safer driving practices as well as placing necessary attention on other traffic hazards, such as driving under the influence and pedestrian safety.

"Focusing prevention efforts on [fatalities related to speeding, impaired driving and unrestrained passenger vehicle occupants] provides the greatest opportunity to impact the total number of fatalities," Darrell Lingk, director for the CDOT Office of Transportation Safety, said in an official statement. "Local community efforts provide critical programs that help move the needle in terms of decreasing motor-vehicle fatalities and serious injury crashes."

Vehicular homicide is a very serious offense that, in addition to leaving behind deceased victims, can have also have accused drivers facing years behind bars, not to mention steep fines in damages and legal fees as well as a revoked driver's license.

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