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Ask Attorneys in Denver: Plea Bargains

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If you're arrested for vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, DUI or any other driving-related crime in the state of Colorado, it's imperative that you enlist the help of seasoned attorneys in Denver as soon as possible. These skilled professionals can help you understand your legal rights and ensure that you pursue the best course of action in court.

For example, many criminal cases are resolved by plea bargaining, which can provide a mutually beneficial solution to both the defendant and the prosecution.

"Either side may begin negotiations over a proposed plea bargain, though obviously both sides have to agree before one comes to pass," explains the American Bar Association. "Plea bargaining usually involves the defendant's pleading guilty to a lesser charge, or to only one of several charges. It also may involve a guilty plea as charged, with the prosecution recommending leniency in sentencing. The judge, however, is not bound to follow the prosecution's recommendation."

There are a number of benefits to a plea bargain, including the following:
• Both defendants and prosecutors are spared the uncertainty of going to trial
•Defendants can save money on legal fees, receive more lenient sentences and avoid the publicity of a trial
• Prosecutors can save time and money associated with a lengthy trial.

According to legal resource, 90 percent of convictions result from negotiated pleas, meaning that this option is extremely popular among everyone involved.

Here at The Orr Law Firm, our attorneys in Denver have successfully helped a number of clients through the plea bargain process, and we're here to assist you if you need us.