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Ask Attorneys in Denver: Why Do Employers Check Driving Records?

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Previously on this blog, we've covered some of the hidden consequences of DUI convictions, noting that they can, in some cases, interfere with your ability to further your career. The reason for this is that employers will often check job candidates' driving records before hiring them for certain positions. While this is most common when the job you're interviewing for involves driving, it isn't limited to these positions.

If you're interviewing for a driving-related job, your employer may check your driving record for the following reasons:
• To determine whether you'll be a liability to the company
• To ensure that you'll adequately represent the company when you're on the road
• To see if your driving history would cost the company more money on insurance rates
• To verify the accuracy of the information you've given during the interview process.

If you're not interviewing for a driving-related job, companies may still want to check your driving record for the following reasons:
• To help them narrow down the best candidates, based in part on out-of-work behavior
• To assess your character and determine whether you will adequately represent the company.

There's a common misconception that DUI and DWAI convictions "fall off" one's driving record after a certain period of time, but this simply isn't true. If one of these offenses is listed on your driving record in the state of Colorado, it will remain there permanently. This means that even if you were convicted of DUI a decade ago, it could still interfere with your ability to get a job.

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