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Can I Expunge a DUI Conviction in Colorado?


You can’t expunge a conviction for DUI. If your case didn’t result in a conviction, however, you might be able to do so.

Your criminal record begins with your arrest and can follow you throughout your life, even if you were never convicted. That means you can be compelled to answer questions about your arrest on applications for jobs, housing, credit, loans (including a mortgage), and more – and how you must answer those questions can affect whether or not these opportunities pan out.

Expungement for DUI in Colorado

Expungement for DUI exists in Colorado, but only under limited circumstances. Keep the criteria for DUI expungement below in mind when you discuss your legal options with an experienced attorney who can help you take the next step.

The criteria for DUI expungement in Colorado include the following:

  • It’s been 10 years since your arrest occurred
  • No charges were ever filed after your DUI arrest
  • Any DUI charges that were filed were later dismissed
  • You were acquitted of your charges

The first of these criteria bears some attention because those arrested for DUI are likely to seek immediate expungement relief. Unfortunately, this just isn’t possible. Even if you are eligible for future expungement, you must wait at least 10 years to do so.

Avoiding a Conviction Is the First Step

If you are thinking about expunging your DUI arrest records while your case is still pending, it’s better to focus on avoiding a conviction for DUI at this time. Only if your case ends without a conviction can you seek expungement in the future, so act now to secure experienced legal counsel to help you build your DUI defense.

Our attorneys at Orr Law Firm do just that for our clients, and we can help you with your case. Whether you were just arrested or have been formally charged with DUI, we can be the legal advocates you can lean on for guidance and support during this difficult time.

Rest assured that Orr Law Firm’s DUI lawyers are experienced and capable of handling any criminal charges involving DUI. We can apply our personalized approach to legal service and may be able to secure a favorable resolution to your legal situation.

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