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Will I Go to Jail for My First DUI Conviction?


A first-time DUI conviction comes with a mandatory minimum of at least five days in jail, but a judge may allow you to participate in an alcohol education and treatment program in lieu of jail. As a serious misdemeanor, judges can order jail time for up to one year – even if it’s your first DUI conviction. That said, first-timers rarely get the worst possible outcome unless the circumstances of their arrest compel a judge to reconsider a lighter sentence.

DUI is a criminal offense that almost anyone can face. Even if you strive to follow the letter of the law, you can find yourself facing DUI charges due to unfortunate circumstances. It’s only natural to be concerned about how your first – and potentially only – criminal conviction will affect your freedom.

When It Comes to Leniency, the Circumstances of a DUI Matter

Prosecutors may not wish to go easy on you for your first DUI, especially when driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol resulted in significant property damage, injuries, or death. In some of these more severe cases, DUI charges may be elevated to felonies. A conviction for felony DUI can mean spending several or many years in prison.

If your DUI arrest involved much more serious circumstances, it probably won’t matter if it’s your first time facing these kinds of criminal charges. It’s especially important, then, to secure legal representation from an experienced attorney that you can trust to protect your rights.

You Can Avoid the Worst Penalties for a DUI Conviction

Not only can you avoid the worst possible penalties for a DUI conviction, but you can avoid conviction altogether. Increasing your odds of securing the best possible outcome, however, depend on finding legal representation that has the experience and skill that can help you.

Orr Law Firm can offer the legal support you require during this difficult time. With our personalized focus on building your defense, you can feel more confident about your future.

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