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Can I Legally Buy a Gun from a Friend in Colorado?


Yes, you can legally buy a gun from a friend in Colorado. However, when doing so, it’s important to understand the regulations and laws that may apply.

Federal law requires all private firearms transfers (sales, gifts, or loans) to be completed through a licensed dealer. This means that you must go through a licensed dealer to conduct the background check required for any gun purchase or transfer. Additionally, if the firearm being transferred is considered an “assault weapon” under Colorado law, then special rules apply.

You must also keep in mind that there are restrictions on who is allowed to possess certain types of firearms due to age or criminal history. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that both parties involved meet all legal requirements before completing any transfer of firearms. Both parties should also keep records of the transaction for their own protection.

While Colorado allows individuals to purchase firearms from friends or family members, understanding the various laws and regulations can help make sure the purchase or transfer is completed securely and legally. By following these simple steps, you can feel confident that your private sale abides by the law and keeps everyone involved safe.

Legal Consequences for a Criminal Sale or Purchase of a Firearm

Any violation of the laws that govern the transfer of firearms can result in criminal charges. As a Class One Misdemeanor, this type of offense can be penalized with up to 18 months in jail. Those convicted of this offense are additionally prohibited from owning a firearm for two years.

Avoiding these legal consequences is possible by ensuring you meet the legal requirements surrounding a firearm transfer in Colorado. Although you might think you can simply gift a gun to a relative or conduct a private transaction with a friend, failing to follow through with the legal process can result in serious consequences.

Are You Facing Criminal Charges for an Illegal Firearm Sale or Purchase?

At Orr Law Firm, our experienced attorneys understand the seriousness of a charge like the illegal transfer of a firearm. We’re prepared to provide aggressive representation for clients accused of this crime. Our attorneys can examine the facts and review all available evidence in order to formulate an effective defense strategy on behalf of our client.

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