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Why Rideshare Drivers Are More Likely to Cause an Accident


While rideshare companies might say they put an emphasis on safety, most use independent contractors who operate without much (or any) meaningful oversight from these companies.

This means that unsafe driving behaviors might go unnoticed until they result in a collision. Below, we’ll go over why rideshare drivers are more likely to cause an accident than other drivers.

5 Common Reasons Why Rideshare Drivers Cause Car Accidents

Although there are many rideshare drivers who are probably safe drivers, the entire reason for them being on the road is a basic liability.

Rideshare drivers are driving to earn money, which accrues based on the number of rides they can service for however long they decide to be on the road. For even the safest rideshare drivers out there, this can influence their judgment in ways that can cause an accident.

1. Rideshare Drivers Are Inclined to Speed

Anytime any driver starts speeding, it puts themselves and others at risk of a collision. Car accidents caused by speeding often result in serious injuries or death due to the increased force at which vehicles collide. Rideshare drivers trying to complete as many rides as possible may be more inclined to speed to finish a current ride or travel to the next pickup more quickly.

2. Rideshare Drivers Are More Fatigued

Another way rideshare drivers can increase the number of rides they get is to stay available for a longer period. It’s not unheard of for many of these drivers to drive for eight, 12, 14, or even more hours. Because driving takes a lot of mental energy to perform, fatigue can set in faster. When a rideshare driver is tired, they started to exhibit some of the diminished judgment that an intoxicated driver might have.

3. Intoxication Also Affects Rideshare Drivers

In speaking of intoxication, this universal collision risk doesn’t make an exception for rideshare drivers. If one of these drivers is intoxicated, however, they may be even more dangerous than a typical drunken driver due to the work they’re attempting to perform.

4. Rideshare Drivers Perform Risky Maneuvers

Rideshare drivers are also more likely to cause an accident because of the maneuvers they often perform to get to their pick-up and drop-off locations. These maneuvers may or may not be legal and they can happen suddenly, which makes it hard or impossible for other drivers to predict.

For example, if a rideshare driver is driving on the opposite side of the road from their patron’s pick-up location, they are more likely to perform an illegal U-turn to get there. They may also suddenly dart into traffic without checking their surroundings to get to their next location quicker.

5. Rideshare Drivers Are Often Inexperienced

While taxi drivers and private professional drivers are still around, what often distinguishes these from rideshare drivers is their training and experience. Professional drivers often understand the areas they serve very well, so they are more confident driving in a wider area. They may also have professional training in driving, which can make them a safer and more capable driver than the average motorist.

For the most part, rideshare drivers are average motorists. Because all you really need to become a rideshare driver is a license, car, and insurance, pretty much anyone can become one. That means even poor or unsafe drivers can become rideshare drivers without vetting beyond a basic background check.

Were You Injured in a Rideshare Accident?

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