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Does Colorado Have Deferred Judgment for DUI?


Colorado judges have the discretion to grant deferred judgment for first-time DUI defendants, but achieving this outcome requires experienced legal counsel. If you are facing DUI charges for the first time in your life, a skilled attorney can help you get your case dismissed through deferred judgment.

What Is Deferred Judgment?

Deferred judgment is an agreement between you, the prosecution, and the judge that can lead to a case dismissal. This agreement requires you to initially plead guilty to your charges, but the judge will defer sentencing until you’ve completed a period of probation.

If you successfully complete the probation, the judge can dismiss your case and guilty plea. If you fail to abide by the terms of this probationary period – which may include abstaining from alcohol – the judge may sentence you as if you had normally pleaded guilty to your charges.

Deferred Judgment for DUI Is Rare

Although not impossible, deferred judgment for DUI is rare in Colorado. Factors that contribute to your likelihood of securing deferred judgment include the circumstances of the allegations against you, your criminal history, the weight of the evidence against you, your attorney’s skill, and the leniency of both the judge and prosecutor.

Practically speaking, deferred judgment is usually used to resolve very minor misdemeanors, whereas DUI is relatively more serious. With that in mind, if you have good chances of securing deferred judgment for DUI, you might actually have good odds of securing a favorable outcome at a trial.

Always, however, consult with an experienced attorney before taking any legal action or attempting to broker any plea deal!

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