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Colorado Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic Violence

Since domestic violence is a serious national issue, many states have enacted laws that specifically address these types of violent crimes. In fact, domestic violence can lead to a mandatory arrest in Colorado. 

According to state law, if an officer has probable cause to believe a person committed domestic violence (e.g., assault, harassment, menacing, or even stalking a family or household member), then the police shall arrest the alleged offender. In other words, if a reasonable person believes that a crime of domestic violence has been committed, is being committed, or is about to be committed in the future, then that is considered probable cause to make an arrest. 

Since domestic violence involves loved ones, it is not uncommon for either one or all parties to express immediate regret. Unfortunately, even if the alleged victim does not want to press charges, only state prosecutors have the power to either proceed with the case or drop the charges. 

If multiple parties are accused of domestic violence, then all parties may face arrest and domestic violence charges. In many states, law enforcement officials are required to determine the primary aggressor and only arrest that individual. 

Domestic assault is a felony offense in Colorado. The criminal penalties for domestic violence assault are based on the type of assault, the severity of the injury, the criminal history of the defendant. 

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