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5 Tips to Avoid a DUI This Holiday Season

Avoid DUI

The holidays consist of festive gatherings with family and friends, an abundance of joy and cheer, and even alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, holiday drinking often leads to an increase in drunk driving arrests and accidents in Colorado and other states throughout the country every year.

According to several studies, the daily death toll caused by drunk driving is significantly higher during the holiday season compared to the rest of the year. That is why police departments throughout the state always increase their patrols and set up more sobriety checkpoints over the long weekends to keep the roads safe.

The following are five tips to avoid a DUI this holiday season:

  • Stay sober – You can’t get arrested for DUI if you don’t drink at all. Additionally, you can act as a designated driver to anyone who plans on consuming alcohol throughout the event.
  • Choose a reliable person as your designated driver – If you plan on drinking at an event, you can ask someone to be your designated driver for the night. Ensure you select someone you know who won’t cave into peer pressure and remain sober.
  • Request a ride from Uber and Lyft – If you can’t find a DD, you can always rely on ridesharing apps to get you home safe. Keep in mind, when rides are in high demand, surge pricing applies. Riders should expect the highest fares between midnight and 3:00 a.m.
  • Stay in a friend’s place or book a hotel – If you live far from the event and one of your friend’s lives close to the venue, you can him/her to spend the night at their place to avoid driving back home. If you don’t know anyone who lives close to the event, you can book a room at a nearby hotel or motel.
  • Host a holiday party – You can avoid leaving your home altogether by hosting an event at your place. Make sure you open your home to anyone who decides to spend the night or make driving arrangements for your guests.

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