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How Marijuana Saved Sedgwick

How Marijuana Saved Sedgwick

Sedgwick is a northeastern Colorado town that was close to extinction before it got a second chance at becoming a thriving town. What gave it the economic boost it needed? Marijuana. What was once looking like a near ghost town is now a town looking optimistically toward the future. Sedgwick is rebuilding, restoring, and planning ahead for the younger population.

In 2010, the town passed an ordinance allowing a medical marijuana dispensary to open its doors in 2012. This was the initial spark of life the town needed. Then, when voters passed Colorado Amendment 64 just a few years later, Sedgwick decided to allow the dispensary to expand to recreational sales as well.

Sedgwick Alternative Relief soon became a beacon of hope. While it wasn’t initially received with open arms by the entire town, most residents now see the benefits of the economic boost, as well as the potential benefits of the products themselves.

Tension with Neighbors Reaches Boiling Point

Not all neighbors were happy about the legalization and boom Sedgwick experienced when it started offering pot to visitors and locals alike. Nearby Nebraska especially put the pressure on, attempting to sue Colorado and shut down the legalization, taking the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. While the courts declined to hear the case, it still sheds light on the tension caused by medical and recreational marijuana use.

Many Nebraska residents living near the border of Sedgwick still make the trip and enjoy spending an evening or two in the town, giving it a lift in spirits that was never expected. While some claim to have seen a spike in marijuana-related arrests in bordering towns in Nebraska, the town of Sedgwick is happy to find that the benefits outweigh their previous fears about marijuana legalization.

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