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Record the Police with Siri's Help

Record the police

From George Floyd to Ahmaud Arbery, racially violent acts caught on video have incited nationwide protests against police injustice and a broken criminal justice system. However, such evidence can be useful during any interaction with law enforcement officials, which is why you can set your iPhone to record the police by simply saying, “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over.” 

Although the Siri shortcut has been available since 2018, the recent protests have resulted in the feature’s renewed attention. Once you say the command, Siri will automatically dim your phone, stop any music being played, and begin recording video from the front-facing camera. Furthermore, the shortcut can send your current location and a copy of the recording to an emergency contact. 

The following are the steps to download the Siri shortcut to your iPhone: 

  • Download the Shortcuts app from the App Store. 

  • Using the Safari browser, visit this link. Ensure your phone can download unverified shortcuts

  • Allow the program to have access to your location. 

Unfortunately, this feature is not available on Android. However, there are other similar apps that record police interactions available on the Play Store. 

At Orr Law Firm, our legal team understands police officers are required to follow certain rules and procedures to conduct a lawful criminal investigation and make a legal arrest. Yet, it is not uncommon for police misconduct to occur, which is why video recording of such action could help us get our clients’ cases dismissed. 

If you or a loved one was recently arrested in Denver, contact Orr Law Firm today at (303) 747-4247 and for a free initial consultation. Get an award-winning firm on your side immediately!