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Are BAC Calculators Accurate?

Are BAC Calculators Accurate?

A Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) calculator can be a useful tool to determine your approximate BAC levels, but there are far more factors that affect your BAC than just the number of drinks you’ve had. These factors can lower your BAC, but some can also raise it. It is important to know about these factors so you can determine for yourself the accuracy of your BAC level calculations.

Factors That Affect Your BAC Level

  • Food: Eating just before or while consuming alcohol will slow the absorption of alcohol into your blood stream. Since BAC calculators do not factor in food consumption, your BAC may be lower than the level calculated.
  • Time: BAC calculators assume you are drinking one standard drink per hour. If you are drinking faster or slower than that rate, your BAC will be miscalculated.
  • Serving Size: BAC calculators rely on set servings, known as standard drinks, to calculate your BAC. A beer is considered 12 oz. and contains 4.5% ABV. A glass of wine is 4 oz. and contains 15% ABV. A shot is 1.5 oz. and 40% ABV. If your drinks are stronger or larger than these sizes, your BAC will be underestimated.
  • Average Body Factors: BAC calculators rely on average figures, such as the amount of water in the body and metabolism rate, to determine BAC levels. Each person is different though, and these differences can cause your BAC level to be calculated incorrectly.
  • Medications: Medications can alter the effects of alcohol, allowing it to be absorbed at a different rate than normal, or allowing alcohol to have a greater effect on the individual.

Using Online BAC Calculators

An online BAC Calculator can be a handy way to estimate your BAC if you are uncertain if you are under the legal limit. As these calculators have limitations, they should only be used for estimation purposes only, and cannot be used to legally determine that you are below the limit.

For informational purposes, the Orr Law Firm provides an online BAC Calculator for your use.

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