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Can I be charged with a DUI due to Medical Marijuana?

Can I be charged with a DUI due to Medical Marijuana?

Everyone knows drinking and driving can land you a DUI, which is why so many of us regularly take use of ridesharing apps such as Uber or Lyft. However, did you know you can still be charged with a DUI because of your medical marijuana usage? In the state of Colorado, you may be charged with a DUI if you operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or one or more drugs, as well as if you operate a motor vehicle as a habitual user of any controlled substance.

Many people legally use marijuana for medical purposes, now more than ever. However, despite the fact you may be entitled to legally use marijuana for medical purposes, does not constitute as a defense against any DUI charges. Depending on your criminal history regarding driving under the influence, you may be subjected to a number of serious penalties, such as imprisonment, hefty fines, revoked license, safety education, treatment programs, public service, and probation.

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