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Colorado Thanksgiving DUI Crackdown has Begun

Colorado Thanksgiving DUI Crackdown has Begun

The Colorado Department of Transportation has announced that its statewide DUI crackdown campaign "The Heat Is On DUI" has once again been implemented for a Thanksgiving holiday period. The multi-agency enforcement campaign will run from Friday, November 18 to Monday, November 28.

As KKTV 11 reports, the both the Colorado State Patrol and nearly 100 of our local law enforcement agencies will coordinate and heighten their vigilance for drunk driving. These kinds of augmented enforcement efforts have become a fixture in Colorado and other states when law enforcement officials know that citizens will be drinking more around major holidays.

"We know Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family, and celebration—but we want Colorado’s residents and holiday guests to understand that impaired driving will not be tolerated," CDOT Director of the Office of Transportation Safety Darrell Lingk told the press. "Make a plan. If you’re going to drink at all, arrange a sober ride home—otherwise you put yourself and others at risk."

An Effective Crackdown

It was only a few weeks ago that CDOT announced another leg of its "The Heat Is On DUI" campaign over Halloween weekend. That period resulted in more than 300 DUI arrests across the state-- 30 of which occurred right here in Denver. There is also evidence that state officials have realized how effective these crackdowns can be: 2015's Thanksgiving "The Heat Is On DUI" period (which resulted in 283 arrests) was only five days. This year, it's 10 days.

"Colorado state troopers and local agencies will be tracking down as many impaired drivers as possible during this enforcement period," Col. Scott Hernandez of the Colorado State Patrol Scott said. "We urge people to travel safely and celebrate responsibly. Many people don’t understand that just a few drinks can be dangerous. One irresponsible decision can affect the lives of many."

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