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Can Google's New Driverless Car Keep You out of Trouble?

Can Google's New Driverless Car Keep You out of Trouble?

What Google is producing in Silicon Valley is nothing short of extraordinary. That sentence could represent a number of products, but we're specifically talking about their new driverless cars. The prototype has no steering wheel, no gas or brake pedals, no risk of an accident or DUI, right? These cars would take all driving decisions out of the user's hands.

"They (autonomous cars) free us up to check e-mails, play on our phones, take video calls, or just take a nap while getting to work; things that many people try (and fail) to do today," said Alec Gutierrez, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book to CNBC.

Google is essentially making the bold move to remove distracted, drunk, and careless operators out of the driver's seat and away from danger. Google saw for itself that people behind the wheel of autonomous drive vehicles are sometimes too slow to react in emergency situations. Although we're a long way from these driverless cars becoming a reality, the potential is staggering.

Here's why this product is especially intriguing - although many people claim to be 'good' drivers, the reality is far from it. Although many people claim to be 'responsible' drivers and avoid drinking and driving, the reality here is also far from that claim. These cars would save humans from making the mistakes that ruin their lives, like DUI, DUID, DWAI, and more.

Legally, where would the advent of driverless cars bring us? The future isn't so clear. Who would be responsible for the accidents caused by and participated in by these cars? What types of insurance will be offered for the cars and what guarantees will the automakers give? Will the person sitting in the car be liable in anyway for any accidents that occur? Can you be ticketed in any way? All of these are valid questions that will need answering by courts and governments as the technology continues to evolve.

We here at The Orr Law Firm will be on the cutting edge of this revolution and we'll be ready to determine the legal impact of the vehicles for both consumers and businesses as the sector evolves.