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How to Improve Your Image after a DUI

How to Improve Your Image after a DUI

You've spent decades carefully crafting your personal and professional reputation. A DUI can send all of that hard work down the tubes pretty quickly. It can be embarrassing, costly, depressing, and upsetting to be convicted of a DUI, and that is just your OWN personal feelings. From the outside, your friends, coworkers, and bosses might see you as irresponsible and reckless. You'll need to not only get working on your criminal defense (like hiring a premier Denver DUI attorney, like The Orr Law Firm) but you'll need to get started on repairing your image. Here are some things you might consider to get back in the good graces of your inner circle:

Be remorseful

Don't just act remorseful. Be remorseful. Contrition and appropriate apologies go a long way towards winning back respect and trust from your inner circle and employer.

Donate to MADD or another DUI organization

Donating to others always makes you feel better. Donate to MADD or another anti-drunk driving organization to help educate others on not committing this violation. Spending time or money to these important causes will help you feel better about the situation, and should help with repairing personal relationships.

Write a letter to the editor of a local paper

Take your act of contrition to the next level by publishing an open letter in your local newspaper - this is especially important for small business owners. If your reputation has been tarnished in your community, you might feel the pinch in your business earnings. Ensure that won't happen with a heartfelt letter of apology.

Promote a "safe driver" program in your community or be a DD

Similar to donations, you could also promote a "safe driver" program in your community. Act as a designated driver for others, or set up a system where drivers in your area could contact a "safe driver" if they have drank too much to drive.

If you make an earnest effort to do better and be better, your friends and coworkers should be proud. Remember to hire a qualified DUI lawyer in the Denver area to handle your legal proceedings, so your worries will be lessened on that side.