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DMV Passwords Reveal Possible Bias in License Suspension Hearings

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A list of employee password suggestions at the Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is raising questions about the fairness of driver's license suspension hearings, according to FOX31 Denver. The computer password list reportedly started as a joke, and includes such suggestions as URSkrood, CuzUDrnk and GtANuJob. Some of the passwords seem to attack specific Colorado defense attorneys who represent clients in driving-related cases, combining their names with words like "blow," "suck" and "butt." FOX31 Denver revealed the list of monthly login suggestions in an exclusive report, after obtaining the information from a state whistleblower. The list reportedly dates back to early 2011, with 48 suggested logins.

When a Colorado driver loses his license, he can try to get it back through a closed-door DMV hearing. Hearing officers are supposed to impartially decide whether to reinstate licenses, but some attorneys say the list of passwords demonstrates departmental bias against drivers.

"[The hearing officers] wield the same power, in some cases more power, than a judge," Colorado Criminal Defense Bar (CCDB) President Sean McDermott told FOX31 Denver.

The CCDB is calling for an independent ethics investigation to evaluate whether the DMV license suspension hearing officers treat drivers who have lost their licenses unfairly. FOX31 Denver reports that the Department of Revenue has launched an internal inquiry and some employees are reportedly facing disciplinary action.

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