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Cost of Speeding in Colorado Depends on Where You Live

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The financial analysts at Nerdwallet recently released a report detailing the cost of speeding in Colorado, taking into account both traffic fines and projected increases in car insurance. How much you end up paying varies dramatically depending upon where in the state you live.

The experts examined the costs associated with getting clocked driving 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. The average increase in insurance rates after getting such a ticket was $135.61 annually, 11 percent of the average annual insurance premium. According to Nerdwallet, such rate hikes typically last three years. That means a single $232 speeding ticket would actually end up costing the average Colorado driver $638.83.

However, the amount of your insurance rate increase depends on where in Colorado you live. According to the data, a driver in Fort Morgan (the most expensive place in Colorado to get a ticket) will end up paying $76.99 more per year than a driver in Montrose who gets the same ticket. In other words, the true cost of a speeding ticket in Fort Morgan is $767.70. In Montrose, it's $536.74.

Denver was the 11th most expensive place in Colorado to get a speeding ticket, with a calculated true cost of $654.58 (assuming the ticket itself costs $232). Other expensive cities for speeding include: Castle Rock, Evans and Sterling.

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