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Injured on Someone Else’s Property? We Can Help.

Personal injures that occur because of unsafe conditions on public or private property fall under what’s known as premises liability law. As with other personal injury matters, plaintiffs who were injured as a result of a property owner or manager’s negligence can hold the responsible parties accountable with a lawsuit seeking compensation.

We at Orr Law Firm know how hard some of these cases can be to fight, even when it seems apparent that a property owner was negligent in maintaining their premises. Rest assured that our firm’s attorneys have many years of collective experience that we leverage for people like you who need financial compensation. Premises liability injures are often the result of falls that occurred because a property owner failed to keep their premises in a safe condition.

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Common Hazards That Lead to Injuries

There are a number of hazardous conditions that could lead to a personal injury on someone else’s property, such as the following:

  • Abandoned buildings
  • Broken handrails
  • Building code violations
  • Dark parking lots
  • Faulty wiring
  • Inadequate fencing
  • Inadequate warning signs
  • Locked fire exits
  • Poor lighting
  • Wet floors

If you were injured because of any of these hazards on someone else’s property, reach out to our premises liability lawyers in Denver for assistance. We can help you validate your claim and pursue financial compensation for your injuries.

What Is a Property Owner’s Duty of Care in Colorado?

Property owners owe a duty of care to people who are invited to be on the premises (plumbers, electricians, and other contractors) or who have a specific personal reason for being there (party guests, family members, etc.). The premises must be free from hazardous conditions that could foreseeably cause injury, and proper signage or notification warning of hazards must also be present.

Property owners do not owe a duty of care to trespassers except when they become aware of the presence of such individuals. In that case, property owners owe a duty of reasonable care.

What Can I Get out of a Premises Liability Lawsuit?

Holding negligent property owners accountable for dangerous conditions on their property is important because it can allow you to recover financial compensation for your injuries. A fall or other accident on someone else’s land can result in severe injuries that require intense medical care and recovery. These are not inexpensive costs, and affording them may be all the more difficult if you have to take time off of work to heal or can no longer work because of your injuries.

Our premises liability attorneys in Denver can help you pursue fair and just compensation for your injuries, which can include damages such as the following:

  • Emergency transportation
  • Medical bills
  • Hospital stay
  • Prescription medication
  • Physical, psychological, and/or occupational therapy
  • Ongoing medical care
  • Lost wage (past and future)
  • Loss of earning capacity (if you can no longer earn income as you did before the accident)

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