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Do I Need a Lawyer to Fight a DUI in Colorado?


If you are facing DUI charges, you are also at risk of penalties that can include jail time, fines, and driving restrictions that can make your life very difficult. Most people don’t want to suffer these consequences, and they may not have to if they can successfully defend against their DUI charges. Doing so, however, requires the services of an experienced DUI lawyer.

You may not wish to hire legal representation for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you don’t think it’s necessary or maybe you fear what an attorney will cost you. Ultimately, though, you can serve your interests well by placing them in the capable hands of an attorney who can dedicate time and resources to your case.

What Does a DUI Lawyer Do?

Once you retain the counsel of a DUI lawyer, this legal professional immediately steps in as your advocate to guide you through the criminal justice system.

The first court hearing that takes place is your arraignment, where you may be formally charged with DUI and any other crimes the prosecution believes you committed. Your attorney should have advised you on how you might wish to plea, but ultimately the decision to plead guilty or not guilty is yours.

Your attorney can also fight for you when it comes to bail, especially if the prosecution doesn’t recommend your release or your bail is excessive. You should want to be released on bail because you’ll have time and freedom to prepare your case and get your affairs in order in the event you’re convicted.

Later on in the process, your attorney will advocate for you by making pretrial motions to supress certain kinds of evidence (like police testimony or video of your field sobriety test) that can be used to unfairly convict you. At the same time, your lawyer may file other pretrial motions to compel the prosecution to provide evidence that can help your case (exculpatory evidence) or even dismiss the case outright.

At trial, your attorney will present your case, hopefully leading to an acquittal. If you are convicted, your attorney can again represent you during your sentencing hearing and protect you from excessive and unfair punishment.

I’m Pleading Guilty, Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you intend to plead guilty, you still need a lawyer by your side. The sentencing phase of your case is a time when the evidence against you can determine the severity of the punishments you’ll face. Your attorney’s role in this process is to protect you from penalties that are too severe for the charges to which you’re pleading guilty.

I Know I Need a Lawyer. Who Can I Call?

If you are in immediate need of legal assistance after a DUI arrest, you can reach out to our experienced and capable team at Orr Law Firm for help. We have many years of experience protecting the rights of those who faced DUI charges in Colorado, helping many preserve their freedom in the process.

Learn more about how we may be able to help you during a free initial consultation. Call (303) 747-4247 now to get started.