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Why Should I Hire a Private DUI Lawyer?


If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, you may be able to choose to hire your own private legal counsel or accept free legal counsel from a public defender.

Public defenders are licensed lawyers paid by the government to provide legal representation to defendants in criminal cases who can’t afford private legal counsel. A public defender might be a fine option if you can’t afford a few thousand dollars to hire a private attorney, but they aren’t always the best option.

What you might save with a public defender you could end up paying for with ineffective legal counsel. Sure, a public defender could get you through your case – but yours is one of dozens on their plate at any given time. It’s no secret how overworked public defenders can be, which leaves room for concern about the quality of legal counsel you could receive.

You know what’s at stake if you’re facing DUI charges: Jail, expensive fines, loss of driving privileges, mandatory classes and counseling, ignition interlock system installation, and more. Your life can be dramatically altered by a DUI conviction, so why risk it by saving a buck and choosing an overburdened public defender?

If you can find $3,500 to $5,000 to fight your charges, a private DUI attorney isn’t a waste of money. This dedicated legal advocate can help you mitigate your responsibility for your charges and avoid serious penalties. The actual cost of legal representation will rely on the unique qualities of your case, so be sure to contact an attorney to learn more about their pricing and fee structure.

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