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A Political Bumper Sticker May Increase Your Chances of Getting Pulled Over

Pulled Over

Bumper stickers on vehicles are a simple way to make a statement, whether your child made the honor roll or you’re supporting your favorite football team. Sometimes, car decals are controversial for certain or all members of society.

According to a survey, respondents are three times more likely to get pulled over by the cops if they have one or more controversial bumper stickers. While 18 percent of drivers without decals were subject to traffic stops in 2019, 48 percent of those with at least one controversial sticker was pulled over.

Police officers are trained to interpret car decals, not just look at them. For example, if law enforcement officials spot a marijuana symbol on a bumper sticker, they are likely to check for the smell of cannabis.

But what about if your decal expresses your political opinion? The truth is both sides of the aisle may draw attention from the police.

The same survey says Trump-related stickers, along with decals related to race and the police, make up the top three. In October 2018, Florida police towed away a van – which belonged to the man accused of mailing pipe bombs to Democrats and other critics of the Trump Administration – covered in pro-Trump stickers and even crosshairs on democrats. The violent symbols may have alerted officers even more.

However, Republicans are twice more likely to display bumper stickers endorsing the police, which can decrease their chances of being pulled over. Conservatives generally show more confidence in law enforcement officials and their ability to protect people from crime and treat everyone equally.

On the other hand, only a quarter of Democrats believe that U.S. police departments are doing an excellent or good job regarding the use of force or treating racial groups equally. Decals supporting democratic candidates committed to defunding the police or the Black Lives Matter movement may catch the eyes of police officers patrolling the streets.

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