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Are Denver’s Gun Laws Different Than the Rest of Colorado?

Are Denver’s Gun Laws Different Than the Rest of Colorado?

Colorado Assault Rifle Laws

The topic of gun control and concealed carry permits has gained much attention in recent years. While gun laws across all states vary, the laws in the city of Denver are different than the rest of the state of Colorado. Local towns and cities can have different local laws and ordinances in states that do not have state preemption laws. Gun laws are already complex enough, but when towns and cities make local rulings regarding their own gun laws, it can become very confusing to figure out which laws apply when and where. In this blog, we explain how Denver’s gun laws are different than Colorado’s gun laws.

Courts in Colorado have upheld Denver’s right to ban certain guns that are classified as "assault weapons." According to the Denver city council, assault weapons are classified as all guns with a detachable magazine that has a capacity of more than 15 rounds or more.

While some elements of Denver’s assault weapon ordinance were found unconstitutional, the court found it did not violate Article 2 section 13 of Colorado Constitution's right to keep and bear arms clause.

However, under a 2007 amendment many assault weapons are now allowed in Denver, except for those with a high capacity magazine of 15 rounds or more. This means that an AR15 with a 14 round magazine is not considered an assault weapon under Denver's ordinance. However, if the same rifle had 16 or more rounds in it, it would be considered an assault weapon.

In addition to the laws regarding high capacity assault weapons, the city of Denver recently approved a measure that bans bump stocks. The new measure also adds language that defines what a bump stock is. Violating Denver’s assault weapons ordinance is punishable by fines between $100 and $999, and between 10 and 180 days in jail.

Denver's Concealed Carry Laws

Concealed carry is legal in Colorado for residents with a Colorado permit to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) and non-residents with a CCW permit from a state that Colorado honors. CCW permits can be issued to any resident at least 21 years old and not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm. Concealed carry permits require a firearms training course that has been state-approved. Colorado is a Castle Doctrine state. It grants its citizens the “right to expect absolute safety within their own homes.”

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