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New CDOT App Tracks Blood Alcohol Concentration

New CDOT App Tracks Blood Alcohol Concentration

The Colorado Department of Transportation has announced a new Spanish-language mobile app that will allow users to track their own blood alcohol concentration (BAC) before getting behind the wheel. The app, called "R-U Buzzed" ("¿Estás tomado?") is now available for download.

As the Reporter-Herald reports, the app uses different pieces of information to estimate the users BAC. This includes gender, weight, and the type and amount of alcoholic drinks already consumed. The app also has a "Back to Zero" feature, which estimates the time it will take for the user's BAC will reduce to zero (indicating complete sobriety).

"Our responsibility is to empower people to drive safely by providing resources, in both English and Spanish, to help them make the right decisions on staying safe," CDOT communications manager Sam Cole said in a press release. "With the R-U-Buzzed app, it is extremely easy to estimate the concentration of alcohol in the blood and then choose a safe way to get home. There’s no excuse for anyone to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs."

DUI & DWAI Warnings

The app also notes that while DUI requires a BAC of .08% or higher, drivers can be arrested for DWAI, which has a much lower BAC threshold of just .05% or higher. Both offenses can potentially come with fines, license suspension and jail time.

"This app is designed to help users, regardless of language preference, understand that even a couple of drinks can impair your ability to drive," said Darrell Lingk of the CDOT Office of Transportation Safety & Risk Management. "The app also reminds drivers that they can be arrested if their ability to drive is affected to the slightest degree by alcohol."

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