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Despite Felony Law, DUI Arrests Up

Despite Felony Law, DUI Arrests Up

Law enforcement says the number of arrests have gone up since the creation of the new state felony DUI law. For example, Larimer and Weld counties alone have arrested more than 90 chronic offenders in the eight months since August. Statistically speaking Larimer and Weld should have fewer than 10. Lawmakers who passed the bill thought the total statewide would be about 117.

The bill makes it so anyone with three or more DUI's can go to prison and face heavy fines on their next one. Legislators were shocked to hear these numbers, but the rise isn't only limited to repeat offenders.

Fort Collins police say in the eight months before the bill they made 277 DUI arrests. In the eight months since they've made 356, a 77 percent increase. Colorado expects to spend more than $7-million keeping these repeat offenders in jail.

This doesn't have to be you. You don't need to be lumped in with these statistics. If you are suspected of a DUI or arrested, please contact The Orr Law Firm as soon as possible to secure representation and fight these charges to keep your record clear and your life intact. Email us at or phone at 303.818.2448.