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DUI Enforcement Underway As Graduation Season Begins

DUI Enforcement Underway As Graduation Season Begins

Graduation season is upon us and we at The Orr Law Firm implore you to drink responsibly, and do not drink and drive. Police will be out in full force in the next month or so to combat the typical increase in drunk driving due to graduation celebrations. Designate a sober driver before you go out for the evening and save yourself a lifetime of trouble.

If you do find yourself arrested and accused of drunk driving this weekend, please give The Orr Law Firm a phone call as soon as possible for your defense.

Here's what CBS Local in Denver has to say:

Itbs high school and college graduation time and authorities are warning students there will be increased enforcement of DUI laws across the state.

Authorities are going to high schools in Colorado Springs to make sure students are aware of the severe consequences of drinking and driving.

Colorado Springs Police Department spokeswoman Catherine Buckley says the city gets grant money to keep additional DUI specialists on the road during special enforcement periods, including high school and college graduations.

Police are warning students that an arrest can ruin the first half of their lives and their careers.

Buckley recommends parents and graduates to talk before any celebration begins and make arrangements to keep them safe.