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Denver Driver to Be Charged with Vehicular Homicide, DUI Following Fatal Accident

Denver Driver to Be Charged with Vehicular Homicide, DUI Following Fatal Accident

A car accident in Denver last weekend has left one dead, with the driver allegedly responsible facing charges of vehicular homicide and driving under the influence.

ABC 7 News reports that at around 8 p.m. on Sunday, March 8, a man driving a pickup truck collided with another vehicle at the intersection of 14th Avenue and Federal Boulevard. The driver of the struck vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene by officials. The pickup's driver remained at the site of the crash and did not attempt to flee. When police arrived, they arrested the man on suspicion of DUI and vehicular homicide. The intersection remained closed for hours as officials carried out their investigation.

The ages of the two drivers, or more particular details about how the crash occurred, were not disclosed at the time of the report though police did note that this incident was not a hit-and-run.

It goes without saying that tragedies like these can be hard to bear for both parties: the victim's family, for having lost a loved one, but also the alleged perpetrator, who has potentially changed the course of his or her life through one single mistake. While Colorado DUI charges are considered misdemeanors by default, they immediately become felonies when compounded with an offense like vehicular homicide, raising the prospect of a multi-year jail sentence for the accused — not to mention significant financial penalties and the loss of one's license.

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