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Aurora's DUI Team Helping Families Get Justice and Getting DUI Drivers off the Road

Aurora's Dui Team Helping Families Get Justice and Getting DUI Drivers off the Road

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Fatal crashes involving drunk drivers are all too common and seem to be getting worse. There have been 19 fatal crashes in Aurora this year. There were a total of 19 fatal crashes in all of 2014 and four of those resulted in DUI charges.

In 2012, the Aurora Police Department decided to start a special DUI investigation team. It's small, made up of three officers trained by Officer Deichsel. The team includes Officer Rolando Gomez, Officer Ryan Marker and Officer Jason Chilson.

They have produced impressive numbers. Since the inception of the team in March of 2012 through July of this year, they have made 3,866 DUI arrests.

"We took it upon ourselves -- a three man team -- to focus and try to save lives out there," said Officer Gomez.

Other police stations across the state have more resources. Denver has about a dozen DUI investigators. The Colorado Springs Police Department has eight.

Every time the team can make an arrest, there's one less vehicle on the road that could take someone's life.

"I am very happy with what we do," said Officer Gomez. "I feel we are making a difference out there."

Officer Marker was one of the founding members of the DUI team and when he walks up to a deadly crash scene it never gets easier.

"You still think about the families .. permanently in some cases. We carry the weight."

"Knowing that we may make it through a night without an injury accident or a death on the road due to a drunk driver -- to myself and the members of the team -- is a success," said Officer Marker.

The DUI team has been getting major recognition. They just won the Mothers Against Drunk Driving award for Outstanding Team Dedication to DUI Enforcement for the third year in a row.