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Longmont Man Charged with 12th DUI in Colorado

close up on male in handcuffs

A Longmont, Colorado, man was arrested this week on suspicions of what would be his 12th DUI in Colorado.

According to The Longmont Times-Call, a local news publication, the 49-year-old driver had been stopped by police near Pace Street and 17th Avenue. When the officers approached the man's vehicle, they noted smelling alcohol and had the suspect perform a field sobriety test, which he subsequently failed. Upon discovering an open bottle of whiskey and two "shooter" glasses in his car, along with the fact that the man had been driving with a suspended license at the time, police arrested him on charges of DUI and having an open container of alcohol in his vehicle.

He was booked at Boulder County Jail, where he remains in custody. The suspect refused to submit to a blood alcohol test at the time of his arrest.

This instance represents the 12th time that this particular driver has been charged with DUI in Colorado since 1986. As the news source notes, the 49-year-old has also been convicted of DUI and DWAI at least five times in Boulder and Larimer Counties, and was also charged with DUI vehicular assault in Larimer.

"He is presumed innocent," Stan Garnett, Boulder County District Attorney, tells the Times-Call. "Maybe he is innocent of this one, but if he has 11 priors, that's a problem. It shows that the system has not been working to help him address his issues and protect the public."

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