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Many Repeat DUI Offenders Continue to Drive in Colorado

person driving in car

In Colorado, there may be a significant number of habitual DUI offenders still on the road today.

That's the conclusion of a recent investigation by KOAA News 5, which sought to determine how much of a deterrent existing DUI laws are to the practice of drunk driving. As it turns out, the law leaves much to be desired for many people.

"Whether you have one DUI, two DUIs, eight, ten, twelve or fifteen DUIs, it's still a misdemeanor," Fourth Judicial District Attorney Dan May told the news source. "It's not a deterrent."

In fact, the investigation found that the maximum punishment for a DUI is up to a year in county jail. However, May added that it is difficult to apply harsh punishments to drunk driving unless the driver commits vehicular homicide.

"All of the sudden, then we get the enhanced sentencing, but quite frankly it's too late," he added.

As we've mentioned before in a blog, the Colorado state legislature is considering a bill that would make three DUIs over a seven year period, or four over a driver's lifetime, an automatic felony that could lead to two to six years in prison for convicted drivers. This is largely in response to the statewide rise in fatal car accidents over the past several years with drunk driving one of the causes behind that trend.

There are many reasons to believe that Colorado will crack down harder on DUI offenses going forward. If you've been charged with a DUID or DUI in Colorado and require expert legal counsel to defend your case, call The Orr Law Firm today!