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Four-year-old Boy Fatally Struck by Car in Denver

damaged car involved in accident

Following a car accident in Denver that resulted in the death of a four-year-old child, police are working with the district attorney to determine whether to file charges against the driver.

As reported by The Denver Post last week, the young boy was walking with his mother and his five-year-old, blind and developmentally delayed sister when he was struck by a car while crossing the Bonnie Brae intersection. Though police say the family was crossing legally, the driver reportedly had a green light while making her turn.

The family was on its way to the nearby library and ice cream shop, a trip that they took many times. According to the news source, the four-year-old boy frequently acted as a guide for his disabled sister.

Police say they will not name the driver — described as an older woman — unless she is charged with a crime.

As we have reported before on another blog, fatal car accidents are on the rise in Colorado. In 2013, the state counted 481 fatal accidents, slightly higher than the 472 seen the year before.

Fatal accidents can happen due to distraction or drunk driving, among many other causes. Those who are engaged in such an accident should seek experienced legal counsel to consider their options.

If you've been charged with vehicular homicide, contact The Orr Law Firm right away. Our reputable attorneys in Denver will do everything we can to defend your case and ensure that the court's outcome will have the smallest impact possible on your life going forward.