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“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” This famous Benjamin Franklin quote is perhaps the best way of describing people’s feelings towards paying taxes, but it is nonetheless required as an American citizen. Tax law is complex and, as a result, many people can use these laws in order to either reduce their tax burden or increase their annual refund. While some of these methods are legal, others are not and are prosecuted as the federal crime known as tax fraud.

The consequences of being found guilty of tax fraud can be devastating to your livelihood and your future, meaning you should not attempt to defend yourself in court. Tax fraud is a federal fraud crime, meaning an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney from The Orr Law Firm is invaluable to the success of your case. Our attorneys are dedicated to one thing: a successful outcome to your case. We utilize a relentless style of defense, refined by years of experience and legal knowledge, to fight to preserve your freedom.

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The Gravity of Tax Fraud Penalties

You may not enjoy paying your taxes every year, but the penalties for not doing so are far less enjoyable.

Penalties for tax fraud can include:

  • Prison: a single count of tax evasion or tax fraud can yield a prison sentence of up to five years. Multiple counts can significantly increase the sentence.
  • Fines: the fines levied for tax fraud are immense—up to $250,000 for one guilty count, and up to $500,000 for a single count of corporate tax fraud.
  • Restitution: it’s not uncommon for the government to demand that the person or company convicted of tax fraud repay the amount they owe or acquired fraudulently.
  • Court costs: these costs are separate from fines or restitution, and can be ordered by the court to have the person convicted pay the expenses of the prosecution
  • Probation: due to the non-violent nature of tax fraud, courts will often order those convicted to serve a probation sentence, often for one year.

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