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Colorado Breathalyzers May Have Questionable Certification

Colorado Breathalyzers May Have Questionable Certification

Colorado law enforcement finds itself in quite the pickle, as the evidence in potentially thousands of DUI cases could be thrown out due to uncertified breathalyzer machines.

In the year 2013, Colorado purchased 162 new I-9000 Intoxilyzer breathalyzer machines for increased accuracy in DUI tests. Each one of the new machines needed to be tested and certified for accuracy by state personnel in order for them to then be shipped to law enforcement agencies for use. However, a whistleblower has called these practices into question, stating that the state used unqualified people for the certifications, thus meaning it may not have been done properly.

The state of Colorado got behind on certifying the machines, which the whistleblower says prompted the state to use individuals who had not been qualified and potentially not even state employees to do the work. In some instances, those individuals then forged the signatures of those who were qualified to do the inspection in order to sign off on the machine.

Additionally, the certification certificates sent out in DUI cases to verify the accuracy of the Intoxilyzer machines are digitally signed by Laura Gillim-Ross, who has not worked for the state since 2015. She has told attorneys she has no involvement with certifying the new machines whatsoever, meaning these documents may be entirely invalid.

As a result, attorneys say they can’t be sure that the machines are working accurately, and have begun to argue that every conviction on a machine with one of these falsified certifications should be thrown out. Judges are currently weighing these cases in courtrooms around the state.

Attorney Rhidian Orr is one such attorneys calling these breathalyzers into question, recognizing that the evidence against his clients may be invalid. At The Orr Law Firm, our team of top-flight attorneys are ready and willing to come to your defense if you are facing DUI charges. Attorney Orr and his team have a detailed knowledge and familiarity with DUI laws and regulations, and can put the evidence in your case to work on your behalf to help you protect your freedoms. We are proud of our reputation as one of the premiere DUI firms in the state, and of our work on the cutting edge of DUI law practice.

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