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Three Common Holiday Theft Crimes

Three Common Holiday Theft Crimes

Criminals don’t take the holidays off, and in fact would-be thieves begin perpetrating their crimes more often. There are many different reasons for this, including an increase in holiday shopping, more people going away for travel, and generally lower awareness for potential crime. On this blog, we examine three theft crimes that are committed more frequently during the holidays and ways to help protect yourself from falling victim to one.


Brick-and-mortar retail stores will frequently stock their shelves to try to bring in customers and capitalize on the annual gift shopping frenzy. While this is a good way to increase overall sales, this also leaves them more prone to falling victim to shoplifters. As a result, you frequently see an increase in employees out on the floor who can both help the increased number of customers and keep an eye out for those who are looking to sneak out of the store with unpaid merchandise. Police will also often station a few officers at large retail sites, including shopping centers and malls.

Identity Theft

Online has taken over a huge portion of holiday sales, which means a lot of sensitive personally-identifiable information is being passed around online. This means the holidays are also a huge time for hackers and thieves to try to sneak malicious software and viruses onto your computer without your knowledge. These little programs can potentially steal this information, resulting in your identity being stolen. Always be sure to sweep your system with a virus scanner before putting in any of this sensitive information and be sure the website you are purchasing from is legitimate and trusted.


The holidays is a big time for travel, which means thieves will frequently keep their eyes open for homes they know are empty, making them easy targets for burglary. Thieves used to scout neighborhoods to find which residents were gone, but today they may not even have to leave their home. Many people will post that they are leaving town to social media, telling would-be burglars that their home is an easy burglary target. Be careful what you post if you are going on vacation this holiday season.

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