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How Do I Reduce My DUI Charges?


You may be able to reduce DUI charges to a less serious offense with help from an experienced DUI attorney. As soon as you’re arrested for DUI, invoke your right to legal counsel and meet with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. In doing so, you can protect your chances of reducing any DUI charges you currently face or may face in the near future.

Is It Even Possible to Reduce DUI Charges?

Yes. Although no attorney can guarantee an outcome to any legal situation, it’s not unheard of for the prosecution to offer plea deals for charges less severe than DUI. Keep in mind that a reduction in your charges often requires you to plead guilty to the reduced charges, but the penalties are typically much less severe.

For example, if your DUI attorney successfully obtains a plea deal reducing your first-time DUI charge to reckless driving, the maximum jail sentence of 90 days is half that of a DUI conviction – you may not even see the inside of a jail cell for reckless driving, depending on the circumstances of your case.

Also, unlike a DUI conviction, a conviction for reckless driving won’t result in an automatic license suspension. Your license would only be taken away if the eight points you incur due to the reckless driving conviction push you beyond 12 points accumulated within the last 24 months.

Don’t Accept a Plea Deal Without Legal Representation

Again, accepting a plea deal typically means pleading guilty to a less serious crime. This means you will be convicted of something in the end, so it’s important to consult with an attorney and discuss if pursuing a plea deal would be right for you.

A plea deal may be advantageous to you if you aren’t confident that you can beat your charges in court. That being said, only an experienced legal professional can provide the insight you require to make this decision for yourself.

Contact Us for DUI Defense Representation

At Orr Law Firm, we understand that a DUI charge is a serious matter. We also understand that everyone’s legal situation is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in this area of law. That's why we take the time to get to know your unique situation and develop the best possible defense strategy for you.

If a plea deal is appropriate for your case, we may be able to help you achieve a favorable outcome. We are experienced in negotiating DUI plea deals, and it’s our mission to provide quality legal guidance that serves your best interests.

We understand how stressful dealing with a DUI charge can be, so don’t hesitate to contact us for help. The attorneys at Orr Law Firm are here to provide the knowledgeable counsel and strong representation you need during this difficult time.

Get in touch today. We look forward to helping you resolve your DUI charges as efficiently and effectively as possible.