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Professions That Can and Will Be Closed to You After a DUI

Professions That Can and Will Be Closed to You After a DUI

A Colorado DUI conviction can have life altering consequences. There is no sealing or expungement of an alcohol conviction in Colorado. The most obvious consequence is that you can face up to one year in jail or more if you don’t successfully complete probation. Even if you avoid jail, many employers will be reluctant to hire you, and numerous professions may be closed to you. Following is a list of rights and professions that probably will no longer be available to you:

  • The armed services may not accept you with a misdemeanor and you usually cannot be on probation while in the military
  • Security clearances for many federal and state facilities may not be possible.
  • Any position that includes travel to foreign countries that will no longer accept your entrance. Canada, for example, prohibits people with DUIs and DWAIs from entering.
  • Driving and delivery companies tend to shy away from people with a DUI on their record.
  • The weeding out process for medical school, veterinarian school and law school is becoming more competitive in today’s market. A DUI can be a large strike against attaining acceptance into these institutions.
  • If a primary responsibility of your job is driving or having a clean motor vehicle record, you probably will be denied employment with that company or for that position.
  • Teachers that have any driving responsibilities at school may be terminated or required to inform all of their students’ families of a conviction.