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Driver Convicted in Denver's First Felony Drunk Driving Case

Driver Convicted in Denver's First Felony Drunk Driving Case

The City of Denver has convicted its first driver under Colorado's new felony DUI statute. As FOX 31 reports, Matthew Allen, 40, was found guilty late last month of his fourth drunk driving offense—however, it is still unclear whether he will face the felony prison time possible under the new felony law.

According to prosecutors, Allen was arrested in the early morning hours of March 17 when a Denver police officer witnessed him cutting off an ambulance near Lipan Street and West Alameda Avenue. With his latest conviction, Allen has been the subject of four different drunk driving cases since 2004.

Doubts About Colorado's Felony DUI Law

Allen is scheduled to be sentenced in January and many are already wondering if his case will break from other examples of DUI felony convictions around the state. An Arvada case of a driver sentenced for his fifth DUI in July resulted in zero prison time and drew scrutiny and criticism from drunk driving advocates and the local media.

Under Colorado's felony DUI statute, drivers convicted of their fourth or subsequent DUI offense can receive up to six years in prison. However, the prison time is not mandatory and it is up to the judge to decide whether or not to make incarceration a part of the felony sentence.

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