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Multiple DUI Arrests

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For most, a DUI arrest is a one-time misstep and a unique occurrence. For others, a DUI arrest is only one part of an ongoing struggle with alcohol. The stiff penalties for repeat DUI convictions is apparently not enough to keep some people from chronically, and sometimes fatally, drinking and driving.

The state categorizes some defendants as persistent drunk drivers: those who have a BAC of 0.17 percent or above and/or two or more convictions. Some of these include offenders who have had 10 or more DUIs, while others are facing manslaughter or murder charges as a result of an alcohol-induced fatal collision.

Avoiding DUI

Colorado is home to some of the most aggressive law enforcement officers in the country when it comes to impaired drivers and enforcing DUI laws. It is almost impossible to avoid detection, and Colorado defense attorneys never advise their clients to think that they can get home by taking the back roads and driving slowly.

In addition to the persistent drunk drivers designation, the state has a number of programs in place to reduce future DUIs:

  • Ignition interlock devices are required in most cases. They disable a car’s ignition if the driver has more than trace amounts of alcohol in a BAC breath sample.
  • Level I education is primarily for first offenders with a BAC under 0.10 percent. Level I education is 12 hours of DUI education classes, normally taken over the course of one or two weekends.
  • Level II education is 24 hours of classes over two weeks and is frequently accompanied by Level II therapy.
  • Level II therapy can be between five and 10 months, depending on the initial evaluation, and consist of up to 86 hours of education and treatment.
  • License suspension is also part and parcel of DUI treatment and prevention.

If you have a problem with alcohol, an education/therapy program is probably a good idea. For a free consultation with an attorney committed to stopping DUI arrests and convictions, contact The Orr Law Firm.